When I first met Ymani and Terrence, I was like this is going to be the engagement photoshoot of a lifetime. It was clear upon talking to them, that they were a power couple in the making.

First times with a new photographer or a new couple is always a little nerve wracking. If you're anything like me, you wanna make sure you get all the monumental shots. With Ymani and Terrence, there was no worry. They were all about each other. Laughing, smiling and giggling.. I just about fell in love.

Protip: If you're a photographer starting an engagement photoshoot, it's useful to get to know the couple's interests and the way they interact with each other before the session. Spending five minutes chatting at the location before we officially went into shooting, I learned that Ymani and Terrence had down to earth personalities and a shared sense of humor. That made it so much easier to just vibe with their energy.

You can learn more about Ymani at her website Blooming Crown Co.

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