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PS: it's okay if you have no idea why you clicked the link. It's 2022 and even I don't know why I'm on social media sometimes. I'm much more funny in person.

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Welcome to the homepage of Jasemine Denise Photography LLC. You probably got here from social media. Right on!

She was once MySpace "famous," a touring rockstar doing about 12 cities a month, photographing everything from weddings to the craziest house shows that ever rocked your brain. She sweated at festivals, she fell in love at receptions, she even published three novels.. Eventually, she took a tumble that changed her life.. and she found her place... Photographing those who really enjoy creating real, emotional art to remember. It was never about followers, "fame," or anything glamorized by media. Boudoir has got her shamed. Candids got her blamed. But after everything, her legacy is to keep creating and keep the family name, Miller-- one that most would never forget... Or.. hear one time and begin snapping their fingers..

Based in Chicago, she is a traveling photographer with a vibrant style. Her specialty is glamorizing any lifestyle without prejudice. She is notorious for mirroring her taste in music, fashion, and her life in general through her portrait work. Her wedding photography always leaves a story to be told for years to come. Never parading herself around to be an expert in her field, she does offer 1 to 1 coaching, copywriting for models and other photographers, as well as appearing at events simply to support other creators!

Don't believe the hype, (or the hate). There are tons of testimonials and even more conflicting reviews because her photography style is untraditional. Her aim shifted from being your favorite photographer, to being your most honest and compassionate. Booking a session is about celebrating you. The goal is to leave each session feeling empowered, envisioned, and ecstatic to see the photos. There's no mile she won't drive, no space she won't occupy, no emotion she won't capture..

Don't see the kind of session you want to book in the portfolio? That's okay! She curates custom packages to suit your needs.