Vegeta Cosplay ∙ Shellanin

Shellanin is a talented cosplayer and voice actor that loves taking photos as her favorite characters - Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z. It’s been a well known fact that Dragon Ball is one of the most formidable shows in all of anime. Every fan of DB has their own take on Goku, but never had I seen anyone cosplay as Vegeta until this moment.

Traveling to Atlanta for this photoshoot was almost just as much fun as photographing it. You'd think doing a Vegeta cosplay with such an impactful model, that the stunning curly cosplayer would be riddled with angry faces and poses but as per her usual personality, Shellanin was all smiles and giggles-- something I love about every single session we have together!

"The Earth is a mess. It’s probably because of us humans. Vegeta told you the truth – “The Earth is just crumble, [you] should just forget about it” – but we want to save it. But how can anyone do anything? You’re like Goku, you actually do want to save everything pea head."

What did you think of this Vegeta Cosplay?

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