Angel themes have been extremely popular recently, and for good reason. Everyone loves angels! They’re super cute and approachable, which is why this theme is so great for a boudoir photo shoot. Whether you believe in them or not isn’t really the issue. Angels are beautiful and a fun theme to work with in boudoir photography. There are many stories about angels from the bible, Greek mythology, and even fairy tales. In the photos below, Dominque embodied real angel energy, showing off her latest look: an angel themed outfit for boudoir! Polishing it off with some SKG Designs

If you’ve been paying attention to this site, you’ll know that I love a good boudoir session. Some local models seem to want to leave the business after one shoot and that makes me sad. It leaves me uninspired. So when I got the chance to take more photos of Iowa model Dominque, I said “Let's do it."

This angel themed boudoir photoshoot comes with a secret message.. that many of us are holding the light to freedom inside of us. 

Dominque is an amazing up and coming Iowa photographer who actually shot a companion photoshoot to this one where she actually styled me into the wings.

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