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Cosplayer Sass based in Chicago, Illinois is different from other cosplayers. Why? Well they ccosplay as totally different and diverse characters. Their cosplays are very refreshing and fun to look at. Additionally, their talent in front of the camera is awesome by itself but the level of effort to bring makeup, props, etc makes their cosplay talent stand out more.

Published in Sique Magazine, this Pennywise cosplay is on a very long list of incredible work we've shot together over the years. 

This cosplayer has one of the most intense commitments to cosplaying ever, participating in conventions all over Chicagoland. Sometimes the cosplayers you meet at conventions will really surprise you. You never know who you’ll run into. This It cosplay not only took my breath away, but inspired me on a level I didn't even know existed. 

Pennywise from IT is probably one of the scariest and most evil fictional characters out there. But it’s also so much more than that because it shows how people can be manipulated with fear. Of course, this Pennywise costume wasn’t meant to honor the representation of someone’s fears in disguise — it was something much more powerful and inspiring. And when I saw that costume, I knew it was gonna be a killer collaboration!

Jasemine Denise is a godsent photographer – always has an eye for detail and no matter how much I scare her with crazy makeup she’s ready to get THE SHOT. Jasemine’s lovely assistant Roka helped us with the set design and posing. My fiance Angelo came through to control the fog machine. Our whole photoshoot was a great time, I’m always excited to work with creative people that help bring my visions to life! Having my whole creative team around really helps to set the mood. The photos we take where everyone is just hyping each other up and having a good time always turn out the best.