From classic Chicago engagement portraits to the couple’s own unique perspectives, we all have a story. You’ve just found yours.

I may not be the biggest 'commerical' wedding photographer in Chicago. I can’t make you climb up on jagged rocks... We may stand in the middle of a field. I may encourage you to walk through a pit of fire. I may make you pose awkwardly in front of a poster of your favorite celebrity while telling you a very excited story about the time I've met them.

I won’t tell you that getting your ring finger on camera is the key to a perfect "instagram" worthy shot, and I won't re-light, re-pose, or re-crop your shot unless it really needs it.

What I will do is: I'll photograph your engagement session just how the way I'd capture my own - fun and relaxed and no pressure!

This engagement photoshoot as well as this one, are a perfect example of what you'd get booking Jasemine Denise Photography.