Chennette ∙  Umbreon Cosplay Photoshoot

Uh oh, somebody do something! Chennette and I shot an Umbreon cosplay photoshoot that brings a creative, glamorous spin on the Pokemon! When I get asked to photograph one of my favorite cosplayers from the Chicago area, my heart skips a beat — with anticipation! Chennette slayed it as Umbreon. She was patient, kind, and her poses were…very creative for this photographer!

You’ve probably heard me say this one too many times before (not really, ok maybe) but I’m gonna say it again because I’m seriously still in awe at how everything just came together for this Umbreon cosplay photoshoot. When I found out that Chennette (Chen for short) was going to be Umbreon, I was thrilled! She stepped into the vintage style studio space I'd filled with gold accessories to really make the session pop.. but...Her costume design was... how do we say *chef's kiss?*

Have to acknowledge the fact that this Queen's makeup is always on point!

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Chenette turned the photoshoot energy up with this Umbreon cosplay. Now it's your turn!

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